Alhataf Women For Art & Culture

Our purpose

The organization serves as a women's center for social change, empowerment and advancement of women as well as the promotion of culture and art. Its goals are to

 Encourage women to participate in social activities and volunteering for society


Encourage women to integrate into occupational life


Encourage women to preserve the environment and a healthy lifestyle


Facilitate parents and children to develop a social responsibility and an emotional belonging to their society


Alhataf Women for Art & Culture Is a registered non-profit organization number: 580636983. Located in the Arab town Ar'ara, in the Wadi Ara region of Israel

The Hadikatna Project

The Hadikatna Project addresses several areas of life: female and community empowerment, employment, consumption, land, use of public space, environment, sustainability, health, and more. It seeks to change life perceptions by improving living standards for women and families while also increasing awareness of sustainability. The project revolves around a community garden and greenhouses (the “Garden”), growing organic vegetables and herbs, holding workshops, and carrying out creative and recycling activities. The garden was established, maintained and managed by women from Wadi Ara, with the participation of the community. It is a focal meeting place for learning and strengthening the community through empowering women, and therefore works to meet its various needs. It gives access to nature, strengthening the connection to the land and managing sustainable life in the community. The garden produces delicious vegetables, is an asset to all involved and provides entertainment and quality time for families

The importance of the Hadikatna project and its main objectives

A major social issue is the status of Arab women who have no source of livelihood or employment and need assistance and encouragement to integrate into social and occupational life. Having no profession, leaving their villages for further training or productive work is a further struggle for them. 

Along with the experiential activity, the project emphasises education for sustainability, ecological importance and its preservation, and changes in the perception and behaviour of the participants. It seeks to promote sustainable life as a bridge to employment and progress, through community motivation. Forty volunteers maintain the Garden and another two hundred women participate in various training events. Further goals include selling the produce and generating income, preserving local heritage and culture, creating a connection between women and earth, learning to grow organic vegetables, creating a space for educational and artistic activities and sowing and picking activities for the entire village.

Annually, we hold a series of lectures, training and workshops for personal growth and awareness of environmental and ecological issues by a skilled team.

The various course topics include: the environment, approaches to changing habits and consumer styles, education for sustainability, modern agriculture, patterns of learning as well as a large number of female empowerment classes. The intention is to create a study space that enables personal growth and empowerment that will lead women to become independent, with a source of livelihood and employment opportunities at home or outside, ranging from basket weaving, cheese making, medicinal plant production etc.

The social impact and change Hadikatna wants to continue to bring to the world

The birth of local activism through a leadership forum that decides on policies and which influences village life


A society where more women have training and opportunities leading to financial independence


Create a society that enjoys a combination of knowledge, progress and values of sustainability, awareness of critical and conscious consumption along with a return to the roots through the connection to nature


We are grateful for the kind support of The Agricultural School in Ar'ara, The Unit for the Advancement of Women in the Ar'ara Local Council, The Green Network organization and The Plant Council of Israel.

We are seeking financial support and contribution, for the continuation of our activities which will help us continue to bring change to the livelihood of many women, to build self confidence in women, and support them on their path to employment.

To hear more about our life changing program, to receive more details about our organization, to know how you can help us, or to make a donation please contact:

Mrs. Anhar Masrawa

Resource Development Manager